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4 Different Types of Sparkling Water and What Makes Them Different

By | source:Here May 9th, 2023

Sparkling water is a staple in my home. It’s always there, waiting in the fridge for when I need it, and it goes with so many things! But sparkling waters aren’t all created equal; they come in different types and flavors that can make them more or less appealing to your taste buds. Here are four different kinds of sparkling water that you might want to try:

Sparkling mineral water

Sparkling mineral water is probably the most natural of all the sparkling waters. It’s made with natural carbonation, and it’s been around for centuries. Sparkling mineral water is also considered to be the most expensive type of sparkling water, so it’s not an option for everyone. The flavor of sparkling mineral water is more subtle than that of other types of fizzy drinks–it has less carbonation and fewer bubbles, which means you can drink it without feeling like your head might explode if you take another sip. And while this may sound like a bad thing at first (who wants their head to explode?), it actually makes sense: The less carbonation there is in something like soda or seltzer water, the healthier it tends to be because there are no extra calories added through artificial sweeteners or other ingredients like sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Club soda

Club soda is a carbonated water that’s been flavored with sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda. It also contains small amounts of sodium chloride (table salt), citrates, benzoates and sulfates. While club soda has no added sugar and is often served with tonic water to make a gin and tonic cocktail, it’s not recommended for diabetics because it contains sodium chloride–or salt.

Tonic water

Tonic water is made from carbonated water, sugar and quinine. It’s known for its distinctive bitter taste and can be used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks like gin and tonics, gimlets, Tom Collins or other cocktails.

Seltzer water

Seltzer water is made by adding CO2 to water. This gives it a fizzy taste and makes it bubbly, similar to soda or sparkling wine. Seltzer is often used as an ingredient in cocktails like the Moscow Mule, which consists of vodka and ginger beer (a type of seltzer). It can also be used as a substitute for club soda or tonic water in drinks like gin martinis. However, despite its popularity with mixologists, seltzer has no calories and little nutritional value–so if you’re looking for something healthy to drink after dinner (or even before), this isn’t going to cut it! In fact, some brands may have high levels of sodium as well–which isn’t good news if you’re trying not to eat too much salt!


Each of these sparkling waters is unique, so you can choose one that fits your own tastes. For example, some are more bitter, some are more sweet; some have a stronger carbonation and others have a weaker carbonation. You might also want to consider how much you’re willing to spend on a bottle of sparkling water before making a purchase. Some types of sparkling water cost more than others–but this doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better quality or taste! We’ll talk more about that later in this article. In the end, it’s important to remember that sparkling water is a great alternative to sugary drinks. You can use it as a replacement for soda or juice when you want something refreshing without all of the sugar or calories. There are plenty of different types out there so choose one that suits your tastes best!