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786 Known Planets to Scale

By | source: Jul 5th, 2013

Guess what! The sun doesn’t revolve around us, we actually revolve around it. And there are millions of other suns with rocks orbiting them. There are an astronomical number of planets in the universe; we are just one of those. All of these planets have completely different atmospheres, and physical make-ups.

Do you know what it is like to live on Venus? Well, first off itâ??s extremely hot, even hotter than Mercury, which is closer to the sun. Venus is 840 degrees Fahrenheit–not a good place for a summer vacation. But if you do happen to visit Venus, be prepared for the very high pressure. The pressure on Venus is equivalent to 2,700 feet below the ocean. Iâ??m pretty sure standing is not an activity practiced by Venusians.

Well, now that youâ??re are sweating your face off and lying on the ground because that is the only thing you can do in the current state of your surroundings, a little refreshing rain starts to fall. How nice? NOT. The clouds surrounding Venus are made up of sulfur dioxide and droplets of sulfuric acid. This â??refreshing rainâ? that is falling on you is actually acid, and is deteriorating your body.

As you can see, Venus is the most brutal planet ever. But that is not true! Every planet has a unique build up that is completely fatal to anyone from Earth.