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8 DIY Tricks To Hide Household Eyesores

By | source:Apartment Geeks Nov 1st, 2018

All households have blemishes, from messy cables to ugly appliances. Here’s how you can creatively get rid of these household eyesores, or at minimum hide them from the eyes of visitors. 

Making a home aesthetically appealing is an art, just ask any interior designer. However, for most of us mortals, hiring a professional to make everything look pretty merely is out of the question. This is why we DIY our space using whatever we have on hand. The result? We often end up with a beautiful room, yet the dog bed sticks out like a sore thumb. Or the cables behind the TV take up too much visual space. With a little innovation, you’ll be able to hide common household eyesores with ribbon, electrical tape, or paint.

Try adding a charging drawer to hide your cords and keep your devices in one area. Use books or boxes to store wires near a television or your internet router creatively. If you want to get into some permanent fixes, then consider painting over your floors or using chalkboard paint on your old appliance.

Try these unique ideas that add a personal touch to your home while taking care of some of the eyesores that could be driving you nuts. Your finished product will be a cohesive style that looks and feels modern and comfortable.