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A Brief History of the Internal Combustion Engine

By | source:Here Jul 15th, 2017

Today, it is hard to imagine our world without cars. They have become such a widespread form of transportation that almost everybody owns one, some even own a dozen of them. Cars have transcended their original purpose as a form of transportation. They have become an art form and a collector’s item, they have become more than a piece of machinery.

But the true art lies beneath the hood. The engine is the heart and soul of the car. It makes that one of a kind sound when you push the pedal, it simply breathes life into it. But what is the history of this monumental invention? I bet you that a lot of people don’t know and I don’t blame them. Cars have become so common that we never stop to think about how we have come to this point.

In today’s timeline infographic you will see the long history of the internal combustion engine, from its invention back in 1807, all the way to the modern engines of the 2000s.  All these incremental changes have come together to make transport so easy for us today.