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A Quick History of Tesla Motors

By | source:Evannex May 6th, 2016

The Model 3, Tesla Motor’s affordable car (affordable compared to their other cars, at least) recently became available for pre-order. Their bigger car, the Model X, is finally being delivered to the people who bought it, and the company is constructing a truly enormous battery factory in Nevada. The Models S and X have gotten top-shelf safety ratings, top-drawer customer and critical reviews, and their little sibling, the 3, seems poised to follow in their footsteps. Add to that the recent landing of a drone rocket on a drone ship in the real ocean by one of Elon Musk’s other ventures, SpaceX, and it’s hard not to feel like the aura of success around the company is an inevitable result of the laws of the universe. But it was good luck, talent, hard work, and a veritable boatload of money that got Tesla to where they are today, and this is the infographic to tell you about it.

I see that you like cool cars, so let me slip you this sweet little infographic about the evolution of the supercar.