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Absolute Rubbish! The Litter Crisis In Europe

By | source:Dust Box Cleaning Apr 15th, 2015

It’s total rubbish that enough people and businesses litter and pollute enough to cause billions of dollars in cleanup.

The clean ups can often come from taxpayers and the money appropriated by the government. This is your money that governments are spending for cleaning up the mess someone else is responsible for. But the problem of litter belongs to all of us. We have to work now to clean up the mess.

Stressing that people need to find a receptacle, put their garbage in a secure location, and act responsibly are just ways to start. One year, England spent close to 100 million pounds cleaning up litter. It’s rubbish that throughout our youth we are taught we are the ones who have to take care of our own messes, yet many people seem to have forgotten.

While the mess is already there, we have to band together to ensure that the efforts we make last. We as individuals need to be part of the solution. Become a member of the movement and the initiatives listed at the bottom of the infographic provided by DustBoxCleaning that are already in motion to help maintain a cleaner environment.