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Guide to Note Taking in Class

By | source:Best Infographic Apr 14th, 2015

Hopefully in the near future, I will be attending grad school. I need a refresher course in note taking. We have all taken notes in class at some point in our lives. Styles differs among students, but not everyone does it the right way. You positively want your notes to be useful for future reference. These tips can also apply to certain workplace situations. This infographic has some methods on how you can improve your skills.

Three useful note taking systems are shared on this infographic. The first system a person can use is the Outline Method. It’s where you have a main topic, and its subtopics are indented in an orderly manner. The second method a person can use is the Cornell Method. In this method, you divide a page into three sections and write down important information in each section. The third method a student can use is the Mapping Method. This one is free-flowing note taking, then connecting each note by lines.

Taking good notes is essential in college. Taking the time to find which method works for you is a good idea. In the end, you do not want messy or incomplete notes to study for that exam or quiz.  Hopefully these three methods will help in your note taking abilities.