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How 2,000 People Define The American Dream

By | source:ThermoSoft Jul 20th, 2018

What does it mean to “make it” in the U.S.? In the land of opportunity, the American dream lives on — but the definition has changed over time.

We’d all love to retire young or win the lottery, but our standards for success are surprisingly attainable. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people aspire to work from home, have more time off, and spend fewer hours commuting to work, which creates a work-life balance. Is the American dream accessible to everyone? In a perfect world, everyone would have a chance to live their best lives, but we all define success differently.

The top sign of success, according to Americans? Not having to worry about medical bills and being able to donate money to charities and the people you love. Fascinatingly, 77 percent of the people interviewed for today’s infographic wouldn’t want to earn more than $1 million annually. More money, more problems?

Americans also think that traveling more, having a nice house and getting advanced degrees can make someone successful. Almost all of the people surveyed say money is stopping them from feeling successful — but a few people said their loved ones are holding them back.

Being able to exclaim, “Mama, I made it!” is a lofty goal, but if you’re realistic about what you can achieve, you may be surprised at how quickly you reach your version of the American dream.