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America’s Stance on the Midterm Elections

By | source: Nov 2nd, 2010

I hope you go vote tomorrow, but if you don’t, it is okay — I’m not. Yup, I forgot to register in the town I go to college in. I know I’m a bad American, but the polls will be closed by the time I could get up to my original voting precinct tomorrow.

Why we don’t have a holiday on election days is something I don’t understand. What our country is based on is democracy, the choice of the people, yet school and work get in our way. I most definitely would make the drive up to vote if I had school off tomorrow, but I don’t. I’m not going to disassociate myself with all of the blame — I could have done more.

Get mad at me, tell me I should have registered in my city, tell me I should of voted early. Sorry, it slipped my mind. It slips the mind of thousands of Americans all the time. Voting doesn’t happen often. I also think having election days off would help us be more patriotic, it could be like another Fourth of July except we celebrate our present democracy, not just the past.

Australia has election days off, but they also force every one of their 18 or older citizens to vote by law. If they don’t vote, without a reason for not voting, they can be fined. I kinda don’t agree with this. It is a person’s choice to vote or not. I would rather uninformed people not vote than be forced to and just vote for random things. [Via]