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Easy Ways To Support Your Local Animal Shelter

By | source:Here Jul 31st, 2018

Millions of animals are taken in by animal shelters every year, and the facilities are in constant need of support. They need food, of course, but your local shelter could also use volunteers, donations, toys and blankets. Are you unsure how to help or where to start? Here’s how you can contribute.

Nearly eight million animals are put up for adoption in the United States every year. The animals are housed in one of the 13,000 shelters across the nation. The issue is that shelters need about $2.5 billion a year, or roughly $190,000 per facility. Unlike some organizations that may ask for money without a real need, animal shelters are often struggling.

Why do people put their pets up for adoption? Some of the common reasons for giving a dog or cat up include behavioral issues, not having enough time to take care of the animal, and moving somewhere that doesn’t allow pets. If you’re considering becoming a pet owner, make sure you’ll have the ability to care for your furry friend. Otherwise, they could end up in a shelter.

I’ve volunteered at animal shelters before and haven’t regretted it a single time. If you have the opportunity, please go to your local shelter and give your time. If you’re an animal lover, I think you’d love to know 20 facts about pet owners.