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Are You A Boss Or A Leader

By | source:Here Jul 21st, 2015

Throughout my working life I have encountered bosses and leaders. Managing a group of people does not automatically make you a leader. Ineffectual management can often cause poor performances and high turnover. Considering that one of the reasons people quit their jobs is having a bad boss. Having the right qualities to lead and inspire a team can be both satisfying and a challenge. This infographic compares both types of leadership methods. Are you ready to find out if you are more a boss or a leader?

One of my biggest pet peeve is when a boss is looking over your shoulder shaking their head. I prefer they tell me what Iā€™m doing wrong, correct it and get better at my job. Another trait I dislike in a boss is unclear directions. I do not need a step by step instructions but at least the basic directions. Lastly the worse trait a boss has is the hands off approach and when things go wrong you get all the blame. Since childhood our parents, our teachers, and our friends have been hands on in order for us to achieve a goal.

Anyone in a supervisory position can become a great leader and not a bad boss. The trick is to acknowledge your strengths and work to becoming leader.