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By | source:Here Apr 23rd, 2012

As a 22 year old male with the ability to grow nothing more than a neck beard I thank today’s infographic for giving me hope of being financially successful. As we all know manliness is measured by the facial hair on one’s face and today’s infographic A PhD in Facial Hair does a good job of outlining that FACT.  Many people may already know dihydrotestosterone is the chemical responsible for both hair growth and balding, but did you know its levels vary by season? So don’t be surprised when you see bushier beards in the Summer.

Besides their obvious manliness factor, beards apparently may have served some evolutionary advantage. Providing ancient man with warmth, intimidation through a stronger jaw line, and protection- cushioning blows to the face. Although beards were/are considered manly one of the greatest conquerors of all time, Alexander the Great, required that his soldiers be clean shaven. So as to avoid any pulling the enemy army might be inclined to do.

Fellow unbearded men do not fear, according to today’s infographic on average we are found 2/3 more attractive than men with beards of different styles. Although clean shaven men tend to actually be more successful those with beards are seen as being of higher status, older, more-respected, and powerful. Women I’m sorry this is one sided, but it’s still interesting. Enjoy and share!