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Beauty Tips To Help Hide Sleepless Nights

By | source:Here Jun 16th, 2017

Whether you pull an all-nighter because of a study break or you just aren’t having any luck counting sleep, we’ve all woken up feeling weary thanks to restless nights.

If you wake up with dark circles and don’t want the world to know you were up all night, try to apply damp tea bags for 10 minutes. The tannin in tea will help with swelling and discoloration and make the dark circles less noticeable, which helps you avoid pesky coworkers.

Another solution worth trying: Cucumber slices. If you place them over your eyes for five minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and look better. Potato slices can also work if you’re desperate and looking for a way to reduce swelling.

If you have a makeup routine, here are some changes to make to look more refreshed: Don’t apply heavy makeup and avoid oil-based concealer. Instead, use a water-based cream concealer and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

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