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Quick Tips To Make You A Better Writer

By | source:Here Sep 25th, 2019

In a world that heavily emphasises writing, every writer should be improving their craft as often as possible. Whether you’re looking to enhance your blog or just want an “A” in your English class, a few extra tips can’t hurt.

Giving your reader an overview sentence at the beginning of each paragraph can make things a lot easier and enjoyable for them. By getting a general idea of what the upcoming text is about, a sense of structure is created and reading flow is improved.  

Although sometimes unavoidable, minimizing the use of pronouns as grammatical subjects can reduce back scanning by readers. Instead of using the standard sequence of subject-verb-result, try to rewrite the sentence differently.

What should you do when you have to list things in a sentence? Keep it down to five items or less to avoid losing the reader’s attention. Also, be sure to put the most important item last, as this can add some emphasis. With reading speeds of up to 700 words per minute, you want to make sure readers know what’s important.

There are many ways aspiring writers can polish their skills. These basic tips and some more advanced ones later on, can help create a better experience for potential readers. Maybe even a lasting impression.