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Bikes Can Save Us!

By | source: Dec 26th, 2011

I don’t know about you but if I had to choose one alternative to cars it would without a doubt be a bicycle. Unfortunately, at the moment my bike is not in working condition as the result of being hit by a CAR! I was on the UT campus riding my bike, trying to both avoid being the cause of unnecessary emissions and working on getting in better shape, when I woman who admitted she didn’t see me so lovingly turned into me. It has been about a month since that happened and luckily my chin is back together; that’s right I cracked that (insert derogative noun here) windshield with my chin. However traumatic this event was I will not be deterred from riding bikes again, they are just too damn fun.

Today’s infographic, How Bikes Can Save Us, suggests that by switching from gas guzzling cars to fat burning bikes we can do more than help the planet, we can help ourselves. Isn’t that nice? We can be selfish while still helping out the planet that is nice enough to house even though we just shit all over it. Anyway enjoy today’s infographic and keep sharing! [via]

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