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Christmas Spirits

By | source: Dec 27th, 2011

One of my favorite parts of christmas is experimenting with festive holiday cocktails. Christmas parties are always packed with the regular beer and wine, but having a signature cocktail is a little more impressive. This infographic takes you around the world for some the signature christmas cocktails. Everyone seems just delicious to me, but that may mean something about my lifestyle. I would definitely go with a Gingerbread Sacrifice in Paris, Candy Cane Eggnog in New England and a Santa’s Stiff Hot Chocolate up in the North Pole.

These days, Pinterest allows us to find many delicious cocktail recipes at the drop of a hat. Each one is more original and unique than the rest. At a holiday party last week we tried out a holiday sangria, containing two bottles of wine, 5 cans of sprite, orange liquor (as much as you’d like, we put in a bunch), pomegranate seeds and lime slices. It was a huge, refreshing hit. Another christmas classic is a simple mulled wine, with two bottles of red wine, a juiced orange, cloves in the orange peel, cinnamon sticks and what ever spices you could imagine. Let that concoction sit for about an hour, mulling over heat on the stove, and you end up with a spiced drink that tastes just like christmas.

What are your favorite christmas cocktails?