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The Evolution of Black Panther From 1965 – Today

By | source:Here Jun 1st, 2018

Halloween is months away, but we can probably all assume that there will be a lot of mini-Black Panthers roaming the streets and attempting to make panther noises.

But if you’re an adult and you want to become T’Challa on Halloween (or any day of the week), why not stand out from the crowd and incorporate the superhero’s past looks and vintage standouts?

You could go retro with the black, gray and yellow look from 1965, when the character of Black Panther was first created. But if you’ve seen the recent movie, you know the Black Panther doesn’t like to stand out. Your other options allow you to lay low. Perhaps a black and gray suit with a cape from 2005? All you need is some black bin liners, a gray shawl and the prowess of a wild cat, and you’ve basically got the costume down.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the least amount of effort with the greatest impact, then going all black with silver highlights is the solution you’ve been looking for, and it dates back to 2016’s Civil War. You can either buy a black leotard, get your hands on some silver chalk and go to town, or sew the entire outfit yourself from. Just don’t attempt to take on any bad guys or hop on cars like he does in the movies. If you want to match your outfit with your ride, find out more about the vehicles superheroes use.