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Boston Snow Stats To Swing A Bat At

By | source:Studio-C by Matter Communications Mar 12th, 2015

This winter has been brutal for those residing in the northeast. Record level snow falls have shut down schools and public offices. Well, things shut down here in Texas just a few weeks ago as well. It reached 26 degrees fahrenheit and we decided that was enough winter for us. I couldn’t imaging receiving a couple inches of snow, let alone the few feet some woke up to last month.

A few of my friends do live up in the thick of it and I’ve read enough facebook statuses to know this year was different. Something Facebook complainers have brought to my attention was the lack of street parking after a heavy snow. People must plow their own spots before heading out and hope no one steals their hard-earned spot on the return trip. Back breaking, but that’s not the only snow lifting our friends up north must endure.

The hardcore winter is a test of a city’s potential to treat these snow storms. Literally thousands of tons of salt must be dropped across hundreds of miles of roads to help combat ice. Then after the storm the snow must be plowed leaving parked cars enveloped in a snow-like tomb. Take a look at today’s infographic and be ready to be surprised at the sheer amount of snow fall so far in 2015.