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Solving The Mystery Behind Potholes

By | source:Here Mar 18th, 2020

If you’ve ever driven a car, especially in the Midwest, then you may have come across a pothole or two. These annoying little things are not only inconvenient, but they can actually cause some real damage to your car. In fact, it can do the same amount of damage that a crash at 35 MPH can do.

If you drive (and especially if you live somewhere with a lot of potholes) you want to know exactly what you can do to not only avoid them but also what you can do if you happen to hit one to minimize the damage it can do to your car. The biggest thing is to be aware of the road while you’re driving. This way you will be able to see them from a distance. Sometimes though, we can’t see them until it’s too late, which is why you want to notice what cars in front of you are doing. If they are slowing down or steering towards one side, a pothole could be the cause.

Many people complain of potholes appearing everywhere on the roads in their town while nothing is apparently being done to fix them. If this sounds like you, there are many resources you can find online to see how bad the potholes are in your city and what you can do to protect yourself and your car.