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What Happens When You Injure Your Brain?

By | source:Here Dec 5th, 2020

The human brain is perhaps the most important part of our body. The brain allows for various important bodily functions and is incredibly complex.

The brain is quite the organ. An adult brain is about 3 pounds of complex parts that all perform important functions. The brain contains around a hundred billion neurons and uses 20% of the total blood and oxygen in our body. Given all the complexities of the human brain, different injuries are sure to affect it in very different ways.

One example of this is seen in injuries to the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe, like the name implies, is located at the front of the brain. An injury to the frontal lobe has a wide variety of effects, from affecting impulses and behavior to overall hazy memory.

Another instance of this is seen when one injures their temporal lobe. The temporal lobe is right below the frontal lobe and above the brain stem. If one sustains an injury to the temporal lobe, they can expect problems with memory, understanding language, organization, etc.

While some of these problems may seem less severe than others, the overall point is that an injury to any section of your brain can have consequences, whether minimal or severe. Be sure to read through the rest of the infographic to see exactly how each brain injury would affect you!