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Dangerous Distractions When Working From Home

By | source:Here Dec 6th, 2020

We all love working from home! And we all hate working from home. Since the quarantine started, working from home became the new normal. Unfortunately, while it has plenty of advantages and most of the back pain can be avoided, it also presents many challenges that we were simply not ready to deal with.

Every person at an office knows that the whole workday is not spent entirely on work, but this survey shows exactly how that is exacerbated when we have the freedom to work from home.

Yeah, at the office we might peep at Facebook a couple of times, but getting lost in our feeds, watching a TV show, and even browsing more explicit websites are out of the question. Nobody can stop us when we’re in our own bedroom, though!

It is true that working in an office has its own challenges. We might spend a lot of time and money on transportation and maybe we don’t like everyone we have to work with, but ultimately, a vast majority of people seem to reap bigger benefits from it, while some others do work better at home.

An ideal solution might be finding common ground. Who works best from home and who works best from an office? The changes we’ve had to make may have just made it possible to organize business like that in the years to come!