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Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

By | source:Here Jun 12th, 2019

Have you given up on email marketing? You might want to reconsider that.

Even after the rise of social media and mobile browsing, email marketing remains the most effective tactic for turning prospects into actual customers. Stemming from traditional paper ads and sales letters, an email is the closest thing to an actual postcard that businesses can send, and it’s proven to excel at converting.

Against all predictions, email marketing is still the best way to reach out to customers. Mainly because everyone checks their email, and it’s a good way to let your brand’s voice shine through.

Of course, this all depends on your target audience. More women than men engage with marketing emails, though you always risk getting sent into the spam folder. On the other hand, email probably won’t be your first choice if you’re targeting pre-teen kids. Nevertheless, for pretty much every other audience, you should build an email list.

Whether you’re doing business primarily on social media, a blog, or in a traditional brick and mortar store, an email list should be one of the first things you set up. Email provides a great vessel to connect with your clients on a deeper level as if your business were a friend.

Still not convinced? Today’s infographic has all the stats to get you into email marketing again.