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Caring For Your Pets In Hot Weather

By | source: Aug 6th, 2012

Not too long ago I decided to take the plunge and get a puppy. Boy was it the right decision she is cutest most well behaved puppy although as she gets older and gains a little more free thought she’s also gained quite the attitude. Realizing she doesn’t have to listen to me and just staring at me blankly whenever I give her a command. Anyway I bring this up because today’s infogaphic is how to care for your pet in hot weather. Now if your Summer has been anything like the one here in Austin, TX then it has been a hot one. It takes more than a couple of hands to count the number of days the temperature has gotten over 100 degrees.

Needless to say it is hot out there for a pet. So what can you do to ensure your pets safety during this blistering hot Summer? For one if your pet has long hair do them a favor and cut it short if you were covered in fur you would get hot too. If you decide to go out on a run in the middle of the day don’t take your pet with you, remember it is twice as hot for them as it is for you. Wait until it’s past six or take them out early in the morning when it is still cool. Today’s infographic also includes some helpful tips if your pet suffers a heat stroke. The best thing you could do for dog in this situation is just dunk them in some nice cool water to get their body temperature down. [via]