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Need A Job? Consider Studying This Subject

By | source:Here Apr 15th, 2018

Ah, Chicago. The food, the shopping, the beautiful skyline — if you’re drawn to the city, I understand why. But how do you find steady work with Chicago’s competitive job market? You may want to consider nursing.
A nursing degree can open the doors to a challenging yet incredibly rewarding career. You help people every day while developing leadership and management skills. And not every nurse works in a hospital. From working at retirement homes to becoming a nurse at a school, the world is your oyster! In Chicago, nursing is a great option: The city has reached its highest levels of private-sector employment since 1991.

As a Registered Nurse without a BSN, you can expect to earn around $53,000 a year, if you have a degree, you could be earning around $78,000. That’s a 10 percent salary increase for doing pretty much the same work!

In Chicago, around a third of the hospitals require nurses to have a BSN degree, and a degree leads to better pay and the possibility to get leadership positions that would otherwise be unavailable to you. If you are already a registered nurse but want to boost your career, take a look at an RN-BSN program. You can even complete it while working!