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The Vehicles and Spaceships in the Star Wars Universe

By | source:Here Apr 16th, 2018

It’s been months since the newest addition to the Star Wars movie universe with The Last Jedi, and fans still can’t get enough of it.Sure, the movie wasn’t perfect (according to some critics, it wasn’t even good), but it still managed to reignite my passion for Star Wars.  Previously, I had the pleasure of writing about different storm trooper uniforms and ranks (I think we can all agree that the emperor’s royal guard are the best).

Today, I return with an even more impressive infographic, which is all about tanks, super weapons, battleships, fighters, shuttles, and other vehicles of the Star Wars universe.

If you’ve ever wondered what sorts of vehicles George Lucas and the crew came up with for the first eight Star Wars films, then you are in for a treat. Unfortunately, this infographic was published before episode VIII, so vehicles from that movie are not included. But on the bright side, Lucas did manage to create over 100 vehicles, which is plenty of study material to choose from.

Some vehicles are more creative than others — there’s nothing quite like the Death Star for longtime fans. And the aquatic vehicles are even more impressive, in my opinion. Memorize this chart and you’ll impress any of your Star Wars loving friends.