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How Colors Make Us Feel

By | source:Here Jul 5th, 2017

When I was growing up the green hewed branding of Mountain Dew drinks made it seem so..refreshing.  Not only the bottle was green, but the actual liquid was a radioactive looking neon green that just made it more fun for kids.  There’s a tremendous amount of research and marketing dollars that goes into making a product visually appealing.   Branding ties right into emotions – how does the company want to make you feel about their product?

Today’s color wheel breaks down emotions some of the biggest brands are tapping into.  For example, the color red of Coca-Cola tries to create a feeling of excitement and boldness around the product.  Many financial companies and large conglomerates like Amex, IBM, and Walmart want to be trusted with their blue logos.   And Hooters tries to create a friendly environment with their orange branding.

This intelligent use of colors prompting subconscious associations is a magic hat trick for the ages.  If you want more interesting facts about colors and their meanings, check out what these colors mean to different cultures.