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Comparing Male and Female Sex Position Preferences

By | source:Here Jan 6th, 2017

I’m sure you see the magazine covers when you’re checking out at the supermarket. Women’s interest publications seem to love talking about new sex positions and tips and tricks that’ll blow your mind!

It’s hard to know how much of that is hype, but this infographic shares the preferred sexual positions of different genders and different nationalities. Perhaps unsurprisingly, men and women don’t agree on a favorite sex position. Women are fans of missionary, while men prefer doggy style.

Something a little bit more interesting to consider: Europeans and Americans feel differently about sex positions, too. Europeans vote for missionary, while Americans prefer doggy style overall. (Spooning, cowgirl, 69 and being held up don’t get as much love.)

It’s pretty funny that two of the most common sex positions are also two of the most traditional –– regardless of your gender or nationality, it seems that trying to teach an old dog new tricks isn’t always the best strategy.

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