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Top 10 Modern Construction Marvels

By | source:53 Quantum Mar 28th, 2020

People all over the world have always been amazed by the largest achievements in human engineering. Even today, we all look up to the ancient structures of older civilizations and wonder how they manage to set such monumental tasks using the rudimentary tools and knowledge of ancient times, as well as all of the physical labor it must have taken to accomplish.

Those monuments of old can be built faster and easier with the knowledge and technology we have access to today, which is why those replicas built in places like Vegas don’t capture the same sense of wonder. On the other hand, the feats that can be achieved with today’s technology are beyond anything humanity thought possible just a century ago.

For example, consider the Channel Tunnel, which joined the UK to France via a 31.4 miles tunnel that dips to depths of 75 meters below the seabed. Of course, there is also the International Space Station, a habitable artificial satellite created by a joint project between five nations which (despite being expected to reach the end of its life expectancy this year) is planned to crash into the sea instead of becoming another chunk of space waste around our orbit, after more than two decades of service!