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Contraception Methods Of The Past: Life Before The Pill

By | source:Meds4All May 22nd, 2015

New contraception methods are popping up all the time thanks to modern medicine. Women have multiple options for contraception: IUD’s, the pill, shots and even some that can be implanted under the skin. Men are also in luck, contraceptive options are predicted to be available in just a couple years.

Life before the pill wasn’t a good one. I remember a rumor when I was a kid that drinking a cap of bleach after the act would prevent a baby. Most of the options presented in today’s infographic are along the same lines: horrible. Drinking heated mercury is probably the most obviously unhealthy option listed below, but how some of these faux-contraceptive methods gained popularity is beyond me.

An increased availability of contraceptives and women’s health clinics have been proven to improve the quality of life across the board. Whether it is in a poverty-stricken developing country or an inner-city neighborhood, giving individuals the choice if and when to have a child is paramount.