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How To Create The Best Cookie And Wine Pairing

By | source:Here Dec 9th, 2019

An upcoming holiday season is basically the equivalent to “cookie season”. To me, the best winter night is spent making cookies while watching a Christmas movie, and of course a glass of wine in hand (bonus points if it’s snowing outside.) 

I love a good dessert with my wine, and it is important to choose the right pairing to ensure that whatever you’re eating and drinking complement each other well. No one likes a poorly paired food combination. 

Whether you prefer chocolate, cinnamon, or anything in between, there is a wine that will pair perfectly with your cookie. All of these cookie options are also great for the holidays, so you can multitask. Are you a fan of white wine? Opt for a cookie without chocolate, like gingerbread or shortbread. For you red wine lovers out there, chocolate is always a good choice, but don’t forget there are other delicious options. Molasses and fruit cookies pair well with red wine as well. 

This guide will show what cookies to pair with any wine that you could want, or whatever you already have in your house. From bubbly champagne to a dry sauvignon blanc, you’ll find an incredible pairing to make this holiday season perfect.