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Dating Milestones: When Should You Move In, Get Engaged?

By | source:Here Mar 4th, 2017

In today’s world of online dating, it’s hard to know whether old rules still apply. Do men still pay for the first date? And when is it okay to sleep over at your date’s place?

Obviously, everyone has different boundaries and expectations, but this guide from provides an average dating timeline.

Surprisingly, people are conservative when it comes to first dates. Only 40% of people say it’s OK to make out on the first date. Most people prefer to stop at a peck on the cheek. When it comes to social media, 82% of people wait to add someone on Facebook.

When it comes to politics, 42% of people wait two to three weeks before discussing who they voted for. 1 in 10 people say they’ll sleep with someone after two or three dates.

Move-ins typically happen after a year of dating, while 29% percent of people want to get engaged before two years of dating.

There’s no perfect way to handle a relationship, but if you follow this timeline, you’ll at least be in good company. While you’re catching up on love advice, check out our post about the truth on online dating.