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The Deadly Reality Of Festivals

By | source:Here Aug 26th, 2021

Are you sure you want to go to that music festival? Nothing says summer like a festival. Music, dancing, food, and friends– sounds like a dream, right? In reality, festivals can often be more accurately described as a nightmare. This isn’t just because your ticket emptied your savings or your favorite band didn’t show up. The terrifying fact is that many people walk through festival gates and never get the chance to walk back out. 

For 722 individuals, festivals have gone from leisurely to lethal. Instead of having the time of their lives, many people lose their lives or sustain serious injuries while attending a festival. And while some of these deaths are certainly from partying behavior, such as drug use, the leading cause of festival deaths is overwhelming tramplings. So if you’re clumsy like me, it’s crucial to remember that in festival culture, staying on your two feet can be a literal life saver. 

If this information makes you anxious, take a deep breath. You don’t have to sell your ticket or cancel your plans. If you want to increase your chances of safety during festivals, the best way is to take care of yourself and keep your senses sharp. Staying fed, hydrated, and wearing sunscreen while you’re having fun are great ways to keep yourself healthy and protected from festival risks. 

So grab your friends and your water bottle– just use common sense and enter at your own risk.