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Controversial Tips On The Art of Persuasion

By | source:Here Aug 25th, 2021

As we’re going about our day, we’ll usually have to try to persuade others of an opinion, a campaign, or an action. In other words, we’re often trying to get someone else to do something, often in our favor.  The better we are at persuasion the more tools we have. This is particularly true for those who are in sales and marketing jobs or hold positions where they sit around the negotiating table.

Effective persuasion usually means increasing influence. Whether it’s asking for an increase, seeking a promotion, or planning a holiday abroad with your significant other.

This infographic uses information from the Art of Seduction to illustrate the 24 rules identified by the author Robert Greene. Robert Greene examined the tactics of some of the world’s most notorious seducers from Cleopatra to Casanova. And it’s not all about sexual persuasion.

These tactics are not without controversy – Many of the tactics appear somewhat disingenuous and possibly unkind. For example it mentions choosing the right “victim”, ie a person who is persuadable. Capture the attention of the person by talking about what interests them and do things for them so that they feel the need to reciprocate.

Your own personal attributes also count. Dress the part. Play the part. Exude confidence and reliability. A standout admirable person is more difficult to turn down than someone who is simply run of the mill.

What do you think about these tips?