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Decoding The Signatures of The World’s Top Tech CEOs

By | source:Here Sep 8th, 2017

The old adage asks, “What’s in a name?” I don’t have that answer for you, but let’s take a look at what signatures can tell us about successful entrepreneurs in the technology sphere.

If your signature is illegible, you’re in good company: Tim Cook of Apple has a messy signature and it shows proof of his quick mind.

Meanwhile, Steve Wozniak (also from Apple) signs his nickname instead of his given name. According to this infographic, that level of confidence is proof of high self-esteem.

Over at Microsoft, Bill Gates has a no-nonsense signature that’s easy to read. It demonstrates that he’s confident but balanced, which means he’s not an extravagant person despite his staggering wealth.

It’s also possible to end your signature on a positive note––just ask Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame or Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard. Both tech titans end their signatures with striking lines, which shows drive, determination and energy.

You’ll likely find a signature similar to yours on this infographic. After all, there are 25 to pick from. Even if you don’t identify with these moguls, your handwriting still says a lot about you. Find out more here.