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Do You Love Science?

By | source: Aug 6th, 2013

Every time I am asked anything about science, all I can think of are beakers and Bunsen burners and am quick to deny my interest in the subject matter. Well, this infographic is out to change this backward thinking. As it turns out, I actually do love science! Why? Because I love outer space, animals, people, cooking, and volcanoes! Little did I know that all these loves of mine fall under science education. Now when someone talks to me about science I will think along the lines of astronomer, ornithologist, nutritionist, seismologist, or population ecologist!

For those of you out there who are starting college in the fall and frantic to find your major, take some time to think about that things you love. There are some really cool careers out there in the sciences that might not even cross your mind.

And if you’re still not sure you love science, go to for tons of fun science labs that can be done at home or at school. [via]