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Does Gender Matter in Workplace Culture?

By | source:Here May 6th, 2017

Now this is an age-old question that I am sure has been debated time and time again to no avail. But here you have it- today’s infographic details how men and women differ when it comes to a work-related choices.

It seems to me that women are quite “dedicated to the cause” when it comes to work.  Putting in more office hours, willing to take on additional work on vacation, and even having a more positive attitude on compensation.

Maybe because women are still trying to break through the glass ceiling, we have to put in that extra bit of effort to try to level the playing field.  Yet many women still have not received the credit that they deserve.

It seems that when to comes to making employment decisions, hiring a woman looks to be a strong option if you are looking to get commitment and dedication, am I right ladies!  And this is all while having to hobble around in high heels at work (see the impact of heels here).