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The Ultimate Guide to Food And Wine Pairings

By | source:Here May 5th, 2017

I always get overwhelmed when I’m in the wine aisle at the supermarket. With so many options, I usually pick the cheapest bottle.

Thanks to this amazing food and wine guide, I now have a better idea of which wine goes with different kinds of foods.

Instead of picking already-made meals, this guide allows you to pick the ingredients you’ll be using and suggests several types of wines.

For chocolate and coffee pairings, for example, you should stick with dessert wines. Exotic spices and foods like rice and tortillas go well with sweet white wines (Moscato, Riesling, Chenin Blanc) and medium red wines (Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc).

Fascinatingly enough, sparkling wines are best paired with mollusks like oysters, mussels and clams. I’ve never thought about popping a bottle of champagne with seafood, but it apparently makes for a great dinner.

Even if you’re not an alcohol connoisseur, this infographic gives you enough information to fake it. Now that you’ve got wine down, it’s time to learn more about the different kinds of beer. Click here to find out more.