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Does It Really Ad Up?

By | source: Jan 7th, 2013

In almost any given form of media one will probably run across some form of advertisement. Ads are on social media, they saturate television and the Internet and they show up in movies as well, so with all of the ads that we see every day the question needs to be asked: does anyone really believe what they see in big-name advertisements? According to a study by market researchers Lab42, the answer is no. Among the 500 participants surveyed, only 3% believed that the information given by advertisements was “very accurate,” while 57% believed that the ads were “somewhat exaggerated.”

Today’s infographic from shows consumer reception of ads, and people seem to be less than impressed. Out of those surveyed, 87% thought that cleaning ads were photoshopped, while 96% thought that weight-loss ads were photoshopped. The most important factor in making an ad memorable, it seems, is making it funny since 73% said that funny ads made them more memorable (and more likely to buy the product).

For more information on ad perception refer to the infographic below. [Via]