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The Facts About Poop

By | source:Here Jan 6th, 2013

Working with kids, poop is a word that is unarguably in my vocabulary. It’s also something I feel should be able to be discussed more in our culture, no matter one’s sex and/or gender. Today’s infographic tells you some things to look out for as well as some fun facts about our favorite four-letter palindrome.

The interesting tidbits about poop in history and nature make it that much cooler. I definitely didn’t know that some battles during WWII might have been decided because of some “dung” mischievously planted by the British. So awesome. And the fact about the breadth of elephants’ stool makes us realize what tiny creatures we are, as they can lose a child’s worth of bowels per day.

So, we should not be afraid of the things we release from our bodies, instead let us see the beauty in poop. We are, in fact, animals and should not try to disguise ourselves as otherwise. But, since we have not developed with nature, some of our diet might not make sense to our bodies that work oh so hard to keep us going. Watch out for all the crazy-colored ones, yâ??