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Don’t Just Sit There

By | source: Jun 24th, 2014

I’m sure that we are all well aware that living a sedentary lifestyle is ultimately bad for our health. A sedentary lifestyle is too real for those of us who work 9-5 desk jobs. I personally try to combat this with daily 2-hour workouts at 5 a.m., and evening walks. But even this can’t put a dent in the eight hours I spend sitting in front of a computer, in an office with unlimited sodas and snacks. While I usually resist the callings of Pirate’s Booty and Dr. Pepper, I can feel that my health and strength is beginning to wither away. I can’t even properly sit up straight because I can’t reach the floor while sitting in any of my office’s giant desk chairs. The constant sitting Indian-style or crossed-legged in massive seats has only created muscle knots in my trapezius that even the sharpest wall corner can’t kneed out.

Today’s infographic address the hazards of constantly sitting and what you can do to prevent the symptoms that arise from it. Constantly sitting can create mushy abs caused from muscle degeneration. An easy way to combat this is to sit on an exercise ball. The backless aspect of this will force you to engage your core as you try to sit up straight. Another way to get your blood flowing and help re-align your posture is to go for a walk. Doing this can help stretch your back and help you burn twice the calories than you would sitting. Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk can help with this as well.

Check out the other ways to combat the hazards of sitting. If you can, get a group of co-workers to walk with you to create a heart healthy, and clear minded bunch of co-workers! [via]