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Men’s Health Facts

By | source: Jun 24th, 2014

Fun fact: If you’re reading this and you have a penis, it applies to you! Hooray, you’re a man! Though being a man is awesome in so many ways (too innumerable to explain here), we have to face the cold hard fact described in this infographic. In many ways, we are inferior to our counterparts: the people with vaginas. (If you’re transgender, then by the very nature of your being, you transcend both women and men.) Let’s take a look at some of our shortcomings.

Statistically, we die 4.4 years before the average woman. I guess that’s not entirely awful. It just means that we like to live life on the edge. I don’t know about you, but “danger” has always been my favorite word. Not because of the meaning, though. I like the phonetic appeal. It’s an aesthetically pleasing word to my ears. Say it to yourself. Danger… It just feels rough and right.

And it’s true that we live more dangerously. Why else do 80% of spinal injuries happen to us? We make bad decisions with our motorcycles, that’s why. That’s mostly due to the fact that we are affected by 70% of learning disabilities. We may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but we are the hardest working one.

This is apparently the one thing we have over women. We make up 56% of the workplace. That doesn’t stop us from further idiocy though. We are victim to 94% of fatalities that occur at the workplace. I guess the lesson we must take from this is that we need to start making better, smarter decisions. Take a look at the infographic below for further information about why we sometimes suck. [via]