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Double Your Pinterest Following With These Tips

By | source:Here Jul 6th, 2019

Are you making the most out of your social media presence? If you’ve given up on Pinterest, it’s time to give it another chance. Here’s how you can double your Pinterest following!

Pinterest has a tendency to be forgotten. When compared to Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to overlook.

Nevertheless, Pinterest has branded itself as a social media for yourself. Without the political scandals or the aesthetic expectations other social media sites have, Pinterest users are likely to say their time on the platform is time well-spent.

Because of the nature of the site, Pinterest users are already searching for inspiration. You don’t have to convince them to buy, they’re already looking where to spend. It’s only logical to use this to your business’ advantage.

Although usually overlooked, around 250 million people use Pinterest every month. The social media channel has added more users in 2017 and 2018 than Twitter and Facebook – combined!

Pinterest is a smart move for businesses with most of its users being from high-income and educated US households, and the spending habits on the platform reflect just that. More so, around 60% of millennials have discovered new product ideas on Pinterest (and tried them out). This is about on par with Instagram, even though Instagram as x4 as many users as Pinterest. What does this mean for your business? Even though there are slightly less of them, Pinterest users are significantly more engaged than those on other social media platforms.

Convinced yet? Here’s how you can double your Pinterest following with ease. Happy Pinning!