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How Powerful Is Your Passport?

By | source:Here Jul 5th, 2019

Traveling around the world has never been more possible than it is today. Attractive travel posts on social media and cheaper airfare have led to peak interest in globetrotting. There’s even increased interest in solo travel. To plan your vacation freely, however, you’d have to have a strong passport.

Depending on where you’re born, you may enjoy certain traveling benefits that people from other places can’t. German citizens, for example, can visit 159 countries from around the world visa-free. Considering there are a total of 195 countries, that’s a pretty nice luxury.

When looking at the other nations respective freedom when it comes to crossing borders, a pattern can be noticed. Places that have strong economies, stable governments, and regular sized populations have more powerful passports. This is probably due to the fact that their native citizens are less likely to end up migrating to the country they are visiting.

War-torn states like Afghanistan, Sudan, and Syria can only visit 22, 36, and 30 countries without a visa, respectively. Sadly, because of the mistakes of a few, all have to suffer.

In a perfect world, everyone would get a chance to travel the globe in their lifetime without restrictions. There’s a lot to see and not enough time. So before your next trip, check out this handy graphic to find out how strong your country’s passport really is.