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Easy Dry Rub Recipes To Spice Up Your BBQ

By | source:Here Jul 4th, 2019

Barbecue season is just around the corner. Are you ready to amaze friends and neighbors with your BBQ skills? Here are 10 creative dry rub recipes to spice up your summer. Dry rubs are an easy way to add flavor and interest to your protein. In fact, some people are convinced they’re better than marinades. This is mainly because dry rubs season the meat while helping to develop a textured exterior.

Dry rubs are basically what you’re already thinking: a blend of spices and other seasonings without any oils, water, or other wet ingredients. This mixture is then rubbed onto pretty much anything from fish to lamb, ribs, pork, and even tofu. The traditional use is adding a rub before barbecuing the meat, but you can also use them when cooking indoors; either in a pan, a griddle, or even in the oven.

Unlike marinades, dry rubs are applied shortly before cooking. Although the basics are salt, pepper, and brown sugar, you can add virtually anything to flavor your meats.

Dry rubs are at an advantage when compared to marinades because they don’t add extra moisture to the outside of the meat. This makes it quicker to sear the meat and achieve that caramelized crusty exterior. Of course, after you’ve seared the meat you can definitely add some moisture. This is where your favorite glazes, sauces, or salsas come in. If you’re intrigued or don’t know where to start, here are ten easy dry rub recipes that will make your next BBQ something to remember.