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How To Write PhD-level Essays

By | source:Here Jul 3rd, 2019

Essays can already be overwhelming… enter high-level education, and most students feel lost. Fear no more here’s a handy guide to writing essays like a pro.

Essay-writing is often dreaded by students. Sitting in front of a blank page just to write is daunting even for seasoned writers. If you’ve only just begun to understand the topic of your essay, things can get messy. The key here, as with most things, is baby steps!

The first step is always figuring out the topic and the purpose. If your teacher assigned you a topic, you’re in luck. If you have to come with an original idea, this step involves a bit more research. Once you’ve settled on a topic, decide the purpose. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to persuade or inform the reader?

Now comes the research part. Read and look online so you have a general idea of the topic.

Then, it’s time to make an outline. This organizes your thoughts into comprehensible tidbits of information. This step involves thinking about what aspects of the topic you want to delve on, what you might want to overlook, and what you need to research further. This is an excellent opportunity to organize your previous research. If you find that an item in your outline has zero research jotted down, read a bit more on it before moving forward. Finally, it’s time to write!

If you want to know a little bit more about how to write expert-level essays, check out today’s infographic. You’ll be writing professional essays in no time!