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E-Waste Saved from Landfills in 2012

By | source: Jul 7th, 2013

It seems like these days we are always trying to find ways to be less wasteful. Recycling paper waste, glass, and plastics has become second-nature; we turn off a light every time we leave a room; and some of us have even started composting what we don’t eat. Hooray for our environmentally conscious efforts!

And according to today’s infographic, it seems that we have even found a way to save our electronics from ending up in landfills. Our electronic scraps may contain toxic substances such as lead and mercury, that could drain into our soil and water. By finding ways to reuse and recycle electronic technology, instead of allowing it to break down in a landfill, we may be able to save ourselves and our Earth from too much exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Along with conserving our resources, thanks to recycling, jobs have been created as the need for eCycling has grown. Professional recyclers and refurbishers have emerged as a new job market.

And you also get the benefit of helping others. Many people can’t afford the luxury of buying brand new electronics. By donating your unwanted piece of technology, you have the oppurtunity to help out yours and surrounding communities.

So, keep up the e-waste recycling! We saved almost four million pounds of e-waste from landfills last year, and this year we have the potential to recycle even more! [Curvature]