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Energy Saving Hacks: How to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

By | source:imgur Nov 30th, 2015

Winter has come for the northern hemisphere. Whether you’re in the bitter north or the sunny south, the air is chilly and the heaters are starting to buzz. Today’s infographic will teach you a bit about the importance of insulation.

Roofs, walls, windows and floors are just a few parts of your home that lets heat escape. Of course roofs are most people’s number one priority, and insulation in attics is very common. Walls on the other hand let out 35% of heat, and can be left ignored. I myself rent in a cinderblock duplex with no insulation. I can feel the walls get colder on chilly nights as my heater is blaring.

Installing insulation behind sheetrock would be a good choice for a place like mine. It could end up saving hundreds of dollars over the years. Alas, I only rent and cannot put in the effort to upgrade my insulation, but for you homeowner out there – hit the home depot and warm up.