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How Dirty Is Your Keyboard?

By | source:Man-Machine Nov 29th, 2015

This graphic made me think of something I rarely ever think of: the cleanliness of my keyboard. It’s nasty, I know it, you know it, but we do nothing about it. (Running a Clorox wipe over the keys doesn’t count either.)

Keyboards are magnets for grime, dirt and disease. Today’s infographic investigates the potential threats keyboards carry with them at our hospitals, dental offices and doctor’s offices.

A recent study of classroom keyboards found out that 2% of keyboards have MRSA living in them. Or 1 out of every 50 keyboards. Plenty of other diseases live in between the keys as well.

Are we wanting these potential illnesses to hang around our health industry? No. Sealed keyboards are becoming more popular with man clinical environments adopting the safer alternative.

These sealed keyboards are waterproof, cleanable in a dishwasher and keep out germs. When 88% of janitorial staff reported that there isn’t a cleaning policy for computer hardware something needs to change.