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Epic Interactive History of Web Languages

By | source:The Evolution of the Web Jun 17th, 2016

Behold the meteoric rise of the internet and the proliferations of its languages! This colorful, interactive infographic holds a history lesson and a half.

Click on the browser icons to see their update history, click on a language trail to highlight it and follow its progress, and click on the little smartphone images to see major mobile milestones. There are links to the Wikipedia page in the blurb for each language, if you want to read a lot more about them. Be sure to click the Growth of the Internet tab to see how many petabytes of data the internet has been slinging around over the years and the growth of its user base. Spoiler: it’s a lot.

The night mode option is a very nice touch and I’m a fan of the colorful, swooshy style of the language trails.

Click here or the source to visit the full interactive infographic.

Here is an infographic about a topic dear to any internet users’ heart – caps lock. Can you guess what the most caps locked phrases on Twitter are?