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Every Drop Counts

By | source: Nov 9th, 2011

First things first– my dad is a loyal Daily Infographic reader, and today is his birthday. Happy birthday Dad; I wish I could be there!

On to the infographic at hand…If youâ??ve heard it once, youâ??ve probably heard it a million times: conserve water. I have heard this maxim since elementary school, yet I wake up in the morning anticipating the one thing that will brighten my early morning prognosis, the long hot showerâ??please note the use of the word long. Unfortunately, I regularly take water, and its availability, for granted. If you are as guilty as I am, the infographic below, while basic and familiar, is a worthy reminder.

The average American family of four can live on 3 gallons of water a day, yet 400 gallons is closer to the daily usage. We can blame faulty faucets leaks and inefficient toilets, or we can start taking small steps to decrease our consumption. The infographic gives some simple ideas on how to start like turning off the tap water while brushing and only showering for 10 minutes (darn, they had to mention the showers). [via]